The Passion of Pumps

High Heels have always been associated with the power of women in this world dominated by patriarchal norms. But there is something really special about pumps. While they speak of feminine strength, they also accentuate, most beautifully, the feminine beauty. They bring out the best walk and the best drape to whatever attire you may choose to wear. From absolutely western to authentically Indian, these heels go great with all the attires. Fashion conscious women love to have a collection full these beautiful heels. With a variety that is booming right now in the fashion world, women will surely want to buy all the beautiful pieces of pump heels available. And with the popular online shopping stores booming with the most beautiful pumps online, women can now have these in their shoe racks without having to take time off from their busy routine. Women seem to wear this footwear as passionately as they wear their own skin. And if you are one of those who love to wear these heels as passionately as other fellow women are, then here are a few tips:

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  • When in doubt wear red. You will find a range of beautiful pump heels in red colour. These will go great with your casual clothing especially your denims and tunics. With this, you can still get your chic side on while you dress casually.
  • If you want to incorporate the pump heel in your formal attire, then you should choose to go for nude pumps. These will look beautiful when worn with an all-black clothing.
  • If you are thinking about the clothing which matches your black pumps then what’s better than an A-Line dress. This colour is perfect for the pump heels meant to be worn on an evening party or on a formal meeting.
  • Looking for something bright? Try pink pumps. They are perfect to be worn to your day outs on pleasant days. They will look great with acid washed jeans and a yellow tunic. Wear some nice funky accessories and you are all ready to look hot.
  • Off late, there has been a huge popularity of the Leopard print in the pump heels. They are apt for casual as well as party wear. They will look great with a pair of black trousers and an olive colour top.
  • For all the girls who want to wear pump heels beneath their glittery traditional sarees, how about silver pumps? You can also choose to go for the golden versions if they go better with your attire.

So, pump it up!