Limeroad Seller App: Create Your Own Online Store

With the Limeroad Seller App,, the popular fashion webstore has not only created happy customers but has also given a platform to many new and blooming entrepreneurs to reach out to a millions of women and expand their customer base.  The app opens avenues for people to sell online on Limeroad band get good kick start to their business. The web-portal has given a new dimension to online shopping which not only benefits the customers but also benefits the suppliers.

If you too are an entrepreneur, download Limeroad’s seller app on your smartphone, upload the picture of the products you have to offer, share your catalog with customers via various social media platforms and sell your merchandise on a large scale.  Now, with the power to get recognized as an entrepreneur through this app, you can supply your products to a huge clientele, all at the palm of your hand.

Earlier, similar attempts have been made by other online shopping portals. Many have launched such applications across various smartphone platforms. For instance, there is the Amazon seller app, the Snapdeal seller zone, the Flipkart seller hub and a few more in the business. But what makes the Limeroad seller app stand apart from the crowd is its features. It has a simpler yet a more attractive user interface. Plus, you not only get notified when you receive an order but you can also manage your orders any time. Limeroad has also gone an extra mile to make sure the entrepreneurs get weekly reports of the performance of their store, so they can continue to brighten their avenues of earning. The app also allows you to establish direct relations with each of your customers. You can chat with your customers, attend to their individual needs and elevate your commercial value in the market.

What makes the idea even more brilliant is that it is absolutely free. Unlike the traditional methods of business building, you don’t need any investment to sell on Limeroad. The app provides you all the infrastructure that you may need to get noticed and stamp a strong foot in the business.

No matter what kind of products you supply, no matter how small scale it is, no matter how remotely your business is located, there is a countrywide clientele waiting for you on Limeroad.

Hurry! Be a part of the Limeroad seller hub and take your business to newer heights.