Why girls wear earrings?

Let us begin with widely acknowledged fact that women who wear earrings are a hit! When we talk about earrings for girls, the very first question that comes to our mind is – why girls and women around the globe wear earrings? What is so special about this ornament? Sometimes, men find ladies’ romance with earrings absurd; they find it hard to understand why girls must buy earrings online to go with their different type of outfits? In this blog post, I have tried to compile a list of reasons behind girl’s love affair with this common accessory. Also, let us talk about earrings that are in vogue.

Talking of earrings, ear piercing is not just an ancient practice but it is also a fascinating and one of the most widely embraced cross-cultural fashion practices. Men and women have been wearing earrings since recorded history. In the ancient Egypt, gold lotus blossom shaped earrings were seen as trendy accessories in the stylish crowd. Massai people, who live in Africa have been wearing earrings from centuries to reflect their cultural identity.  There can be different reasons behind wearing earrings for different people such as religious persuasions, to mark important celebrations or customary rules handed down by generations.

Earrings for Girls

One reason that tops the charts of this list is – they are a great way to accentuate the beauty of a girl’s face. Nowadays, our appearance or looks form a major part of our identity and social image. Earrings are undeniably important jewellery pieces or accessories that quickly give a shot in arm to a woman’s natural beauty. If you want to attract the attention of a special man in your life, you just need to select the right pair of earrings that complements your face cut and amplifies your look. Earrings are also status indicators.

Today, ladies can buy different type of earrings like hoop style earrings, drop danglers, multi-coloured earrings, chain earrings, floral design earrings. Jewellery designers have come up with fascinating earring designs that have special significance and purpose. There are earrings to punctuate ladies’ casual dresses, office wear and party wear dresses. Ladies’ can make classic style statement in diamond, pearl or precious metal earrings.

Luckily, with the advent of online shopping websites, shoppers can take pleasure in shopping from home using Internet.  Dozens of online shopping websites are available in India that bring you fairly diverse collection of trendy earrings to suit your taste and need. Online shopping is easy, convenient and offers facilities like price comparison, easy returns, express delivery and other benefits like cash on delivery and online sale etc.  Besides earrings, ladies can shop for other women accessories online at affordable prices.

Ear piercing is not just an ancient practice but it is a fascinating cross cultural thing.

Religious persuasion

Celebrate some kind of happy occassio

Aesthetically appealing

Gold lotus blossom shaped earrings were considered trendy amongst the stylish crowd in ancient Egypt.

Massai people in Africa have been wearing earrings from a very long time.