Popular Forms of Women Bags Online

Bags are an important accessory that every woman should have in varied styles. Because, there are multiple types of bags for girls that serve different purposes. While some are not so crucial to have, others make up for many occasions. So, dig into the collection of bags online and pick the styles you have been waiting to shop.

Sling Bags

Sling bags are also known as cross-body bags. They come with a long sling strap which enables you to hang them across your body and roam around hands-free. According to your essentials, you can choose the size that suits your purpose and accommodates everything with ease. Buy bags online in sling style designed in leather, denim, suede, velvet, non-leather, canvas and other materials.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are a symbol of sophistication and elegance. Mostly used as work bags, totes come in fancy designs, formal and casual designs. Most of the shopping bags are designed in tote shape. Shop these handbags online coming in medium to big sizes and are very spacious.

Hobo Bags

Slouchy, and more of a casual style, hobo bags are being used by young women. They come in a wide variety of designs and sizes to choose from. They have a single main compartment with few inside and one or two outside pockets.

Bowling Bags

Bowling bags are bags for women that are small, duffel shaped bags and are used as occasional accessories. They come in small as well as medium sizes and feature a main compartment. There are two short handles and one sling strap for ease of hanging.


In your collection, you should have a party and a day clutch. These are must-haves for every fashionista. Carrying handbags to parties and gatherings is not at all a good idea, so clutches are accessories that are a combination of utility with style. You can shop casual and designer clutches to complement with your various outfits.

If you have these primary styles of bags in your collection, you can upgrade your pieces and if you are missing on even one of them, just grab it. Indulge in bags online shopping and shop other utilitarian bags like travel bags, backpacks, laptop bags and rucksacks.


Handbags You Would Love to Carry

Women love handbags and even if they don’t, they are must-haves in their wardrobe. Because, more than just accessories, these serve the purpose of carrying your essentials safely and intact. Whether you are a working woman, college student, a traveler or for that matter, a house-wife, you need to have at least one bag. Today, ladies handbags have become fashion staples that add to your overall look and complete your outfit.

You can shop latest and designer handbags online available with online shopping sites. There are lot of styles and patterns in these, so you can browse and explore the complete collection at one place and buy the ones that go with your taste and personality. Here are few styles that you should be knowing in order to buy your perfect piece.

  • Tote and Hobo Bags

The most popular and versatile are these bags. While tote bags are more structured and look sophisticated, hobo bags have a slouchy structure. Both these ladies handbags are quite spacious and the most selling of the whole lot.

  • Sling Bags

These are shoulder-friendly bags that are not painful at all, like other bags. Also, known as cross-body bags, you can just sling these bags around your chest or on one shoulder and walk hands-free. Buy these handbags for women online available in exciting patterns, colors and all sizes. They include slouchy sling bags, structured sling bags, envelope sling bags, round sling bags and suitcase sling bags.

  • Bucket Bags

These have made a comeback due to their universally appealing shape. They are fashionable but not that trendy, however, many brands are coming up with really interesting designs in these. You will find them mostly in classy colors like brown, black, white and red.

  • Messenger Bags

A bit mannish in looks, messenger bags for women are also available online. Find them in plain and fancy designs according to your usage.

  • Laptop Handbags

Carrying a separate laptop bag along with your purse or handbag is very painful and doesn’t work in the long run. To solve this problem, brands have come up with a new concept of laptop handbags. The best ones come from the brand- Baggit. They are fairly large in size, have a separate padded compartment for laptop and another one for your personal stuff.

Bags for Girls- Tempting Styles for the Women of Today

Bags have always been one of the most important accessories for women. Without these, neither they can step out of their house, nor can complete the look of their outfit. A good looking and trendy bag can grace your personality and of course expresses your taste of fashion. Nowadays, you will find an extensive variety of bags for girls in the market. And online, you can shop from a bigger range of ladies handbags available in different prices and by best brands.

Online shopping sites like Limeroad, Fashionara and others are offering a wide collection of stylish bags online just for you. The styles include:

  • Handbags for Women

Shop handbags online in form of tote bag, hobo bag and purses for girls in various colors, shapes, sizes and designs. These are best for formal and informal use.

  • Sling Bags

Cross-body bags that are very much in trend and hold only your essential items are sling bags. They come in a number of fashionable designs and bright colors to complement your different outfits. Also, these are comfortable to hang across your shoulder.

  • Satchels

More structured and inspired from messenger bags, satchels for girls are also in demand. They are available in small as well as in slightly bigger size than sling bags. Buy these bags for women online in colorful, plain and printed designs.

  • Clutches

For special occasions like party, weddings, etc. these are extremely handy bags and complement your party outfits. Buy clutches online coming in exciting shapes and matte and shimmering colors.

  • Backpacks and Rucksack Bags

For college going women, for working individuals and those who travel a lot, these are the perfect bags. They are spacious, can be hanged easily and feature multiple compartments for holding your various things that you might need while you are on the go. Shop rucksacks and backpacks for girls online offered in medium to large sizes and sporty designs.

  • Laptop Bags

Shop trendy laptop bags for girls online and carry your gadgets safely and stylishly. Find traditional as well as contemporary patterns in these.

  • Shopping Bags

Shopping bags usually come in tote style. They are bigger in size and may or may not have a button closure.

  • Wallets and Card Holders

These are must haves in your collection. Shop wallets for girls in trendy designs and all sizes. For carrying your card holders safely and keeping them intact, buy card holders designed in fabric and metal.

Besides these, there are designer handbags, luggage bags, potlis and duffel bags for women in mind-blowing patterns.

Shop these bags online crafted in different material like leather, leatherette, canvas, jute, denim, PVC and faux leather. While leather bags are more of classy and elegant accessories that never go out of fashion, the ones made in other colorful and fancy material are considered as fashion bags that you can use on various occasions.

Online shopping sites bring in a lot of brands that offer a wide range of bags for girls. Like, The House Of Tara, Lavie, Baggit, fostelo, Hidesign, Diana Korr, Lino Perros, Da Milano and lots of other labels.

Buy Bags Online, Your Everyday Companion

Bags are accessories that have been an essential part of your lives since the beginning, especially women bags. When you were born, they were used to carry all your baby care products, when you started going to school, they served the purpose of carrying your books and stationery. As you grew up as a teenage girl, they became your companions. And when you moved further in life, bags became a wardrobe essential not just for accommodating your daily stuff and personal items but also as fashion accessories to complement your outfits. There are so many varieties of women bags available like women’s gym bags, women’s designer bags, women’s duffle bags, weekend bags, work bags, etc.

These days you get to see different styles of bags for girls online in various colors, sizes and shapes, coming from popular fashion brands. Every bag has its own significance and all woman should have at least one bag in each style in their closets.

  • Shopping bags: For shopaholics, shopping bags are a must to have. They are spacious, big in size and are available in trendy colors and styles. They can also be used as regular bags.
  • Hobos and tote bags: These are lifesaver bags that carry essentials that you might need anytime. A great example of this is a wardrobe malfunction, or makeup emergency that can happen any time. And this is why, they prefer carrying all that stuff to play safe. You can shop stylish hobo and tote bags online that will go with your casual and formal dresses.
  • Satchels: Inspired from school bags, these satchel bags are smaller in size than regular handbags and remind of those good old school days. They are effortless to carry and look very chic. You can opt for a leather satchel that will go well all your outfits.
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  • Sling Bags: They are even smaller than the satchels and are a popular choice among women because of their compact size and stylish design. If you don’t want to carry a handbag, then sling bags serve the purpose of carrying the most important stuff like mobiles, wallets and cosmetics with much ease. Shop sling bags for women in quirky designs and rock the urban chic look.
  • Wallets: Well, wallets are an integral part of our lives and are something that everybody carries, be it a man, woman or a grown up kid. They are must-haves because they carry all the money, credit cards and coins safely and in an organized manner. Wallets for women available in different designs like fold-over wallets, zipper wallets, envelope wallets and others.
  • Clutch bags: The utility of clutch bags can’t be compared with any other bag. These are party bags that not just carry essentials like mobiles and cosmetics, but they add a glamorous and blingy feel to the overall look. And because of this, their designs are very much unique. Most popular ones are silver clutch bags, gold clutch bags, and bags in other metallic colors embellished with studs, stones, etc. and feature a slim metal chains that make them easy to carry.

Browse, explore and buy bags online in India and make a style statement.

Diana Korr- Bringing ‘Haute’ to Handbags

Are you a haute hogger? Do you crave for classiness in your purse collection? If yes then Diana Korr is the brand for you. There are only a few brands in the business who cater to the high fashion needs of Indian women in the most reasonable prices. This brand emerges as one of the most efficient brands providing suave to the handbag choices of the Indian female society. Their collection features a range of the most stylish handbags that bring back the missing classiness to your attire. They work with a motive of providing international styling standards to Indian women who love to have a classy bag hanging down their arms. Each of their bags bring the chic factor to your look in their own unique way. The brand provides the classiest range of bags for women. Each of their purses showcase an amazing craftsmanship and thus turn out to be a total stunner.

Diana Korr handbags bring style to your attire with its basic as well as unique colors. From the styles to the sizes, their bags shout classiness out loud. Not only are they great to be carried to work, but you can also take them to your day outs with your girls. The brand has been quite successful in maintaining the quality of their products. They prepare their handbags from the most qualified man made leather and the most sturdy embellishments. Their bags are perfect for women of all age groups. They can be carried to work as well as to college. These bags will beautifully gel with your A-Line and even floral dresses. They will also give a hind of classiness to your casual attire. Whatever your look may be, these bags will surely accentuate your attire.

Diana Korr bags
Diana Korr Limeroad.com

Diana Korr women bags are available to you on the best online shopping websites. If you choose to buy the brand online, you might come across better discounts that will make you even happier with the brand. All you have to do is log on to a nice fashion e-store, scroll through the Diana Korr handbags, pay the reasonable price, have the beauty delivered at your door step and carry trend wherever you go.  Along with great discounts, a good fashion website will give you multiple payment options while you buy this classy brand. Smart online shopping is the best way to buy products from this brand. Buy Diana Korr online and carry it classy.