Palazzo Pants- the Fashion of 60s and 70s is Back

Popular in the era of 60s and 70s, these wide leg trousers or renowned as palazzo pants have made a comeback in full swing. Known for their comfort and elegant style, these bottoms are hot favorites of almost every woman. For all occasions, they make for a great choice. If you want to clad in a party theme, there are shimmering or solid colored palazzos pants that go well with every top, for an office setting, there are pleated and formal style and for casual wear, the range is altogether a different one.

So, you don’t have to worry about what styles to buy because, you will love all of them, if not all then maximum of them.


Buy ladies palazzo pants according to fabrics. The myth associated with these trousers is that they are only wearable in summers, but they can actually make up for cold weather too. From cotton to polyester, sheer to lace, crepe to jersey and woolen to acrylic, there are so many options in fabrics to choose from. Shop according to your comfort and weather conditions.


In these wide leg pants, there are mainly two types of fits or silhouettes. One which is wide and straight and another which is bell shaped. So, women with a plump body shape should opt for straight ones and slimmer women can go for the extra wide silhouette. Black palazzo pants are one good option that anyone or everyone can wear in any silhouette because it makes the wearer look slimmer.


Patterns basically depend on the type of fabric chosen. Like there are printed patterns, solid colored bottoms, lace textures and embroidered or embellished patterns. The most popular are either plain ones or printed palazzo pants. In prints, you will find polka dots, Aztec prints, floral prints, traditional prints, ties and dye prints, abstract prints and fusion prints.

You can wear palazzo pants with almost any kind of topwear. Like, shirts, blouse tops, cropped tees and other crop tops. But, they both should complement each other.

Brands offering a beautiful collection of these trendy bottoms are W, Biba, Vero Moda, Desi Weaves, Bohemyan, Aurelia, Paislei, Global Desi, Globus, Only, Indibox, and many more. You can also buy designer palazzo suits that are available as a combo of kurta and a palazzo trouser. This is trending in ethnic wear.



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