Shop Different Types of Bra Online for your Outfits

A bra is an essential part of your lingerie which not only supports your bust area but shapes it. A great fitting bra boosts your confidence in carrying any type of outfit. It is a foundation of your daily dressing. So, never compromise on the quality and fit of your bras. According to your choice and preferences, you can bra online available for daily and occasional purposes.

From padded bras to semi-padded and non-padded bras, there is everything available with online shopping sites and in every size. Find these in plain, printed and lace designs. Fabrics range from nylon, cotton, synthetic and jersey. The different patterns available in bra online in India are:

  • Stick on bra

This one sticks to the skin and worn under tube dresses and backless outfits. It is also popular as adhesive bra.

  • Balconette bra

For low cut tops and dresses, a balconette bra is a perfect choice. It has straps stitched at the extreme corners and the cups are a bit low than in a regular one.

  • Push-up bra

This one lifts up your breasts, making them look bigger and creating cleavage.

  • Sports bra

Also known as racer back bra, a sports bra is specially designed for women indulging in athletic activities like running, jogging, gymming, etc.

  • Bandeau bra

Tube bra without any straps worn under tank tops or sheer tops is a bandeau bra. For beginners, it is a perfect choice.

  • Full support bra

This one is a traditional style which covers the breasts completely, hiding the cleavage.

  • Built-In bra

Such a bra is stitched inside tank tops, camisoles or dresses. This eliminates the use of additional bra and is comfortable too.

There are other bra styles too. These include maternity bra, backless bra, halter neck bra, bridal bra or corset, bikini set, plunge bra, underwire bra, soft cup bra, trainer bra, nursing bra, convertible bra and more. When you plan to buy bra online, make sure the fabric is skin friendly and it fits you properly to avoid any kind of embarrassment.



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