Wall Decoration- Creative Ideas in Less Price

Ever thought you could find little ideas in lesser price to add an instant style to your wall decor? If not, let us give you some great and affordable wall decoration ideas to pep up the walls of your house. And you can shop all these products for wall decor online in amazing designs and great prices.

Wall Plates

To create a fresh wall decoration, opt for some wall plates in varying shades, texture, sizes and design. Hand the most unique one at the center and rest around it.


Nothing can’t beat the beauty of your handmade home decor products. You can use wooden pallets, paint them red and adjust all of them to make shape of lips, honeycomb wall pattern with sticks and colors, photo framing of your hand made designs and images and there are many other such ideas that are available online.

Wall Stickers

Shop wall stickers online and upgrade the theme of your different spaces in the house. To decorate the whole wall, use wall murals.


Hanging paintings might sound outdated, but it is one of the classic ideas to decorate any wall. Splurge in paintings online and shop various types that complement the existing décor of your house. You may get them framed or just hang them as it is for a trendy look.

Memory Corner Wall Art

Gather all your old photographs, birthday/ anniversary greetings, quotes and handwritten messages together and paste them on your favorite wall in a shape. Create a bigger pattern using lot and lots of these things that remind you of old days, and times spent with your loved ones.

Paper Art

You can do a lot from paper. Find some creative things that you can make from colored paper and paste them on the wall. This idea works best for a study room or your kid’s room.

Besides, these you always have the option to buy wall arts products online. Shop traditional and modern merchandise for your home wall décor online available in best prices and plenty of designs. Explore the catalog of e-stores and start shopping for a brilliant wall decoration.


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