Handbags You Would Love to Carry

Women love handbags and even if they don’t, they are must-haves in their wardrobe. Because, more than just accessories, these serve the purpose of carrying your essentials safely and intact. Whether you are a working woman, college student, a traveler or for that matter, a house-wife, you need to have at least one bag. Today, ladies handbags have become fashion staples that add to your overall look and complete your outfit.

You can shop latest and designer handbags online available with online shopping sites. There are lot of styles and patterns in these, so you can browse and explore the complete collection at one place and buy the ones that go with your taste and personality. Here are few styles that you should be knowing in order to buy your perfect piece.

  • Tote and Hobo Bags

The most popular and versatile are these bags. While tote bags are more structured and look sophisticated, hobo bags have a slouchy structure. Both these ladies handbags are quite spacious and the most selling of the whole lot.

  • Sling Bags

These are shoulder-friendly bags that are not painful at all, like other bags. Also, known as cross-body bags, you can just sling these bags around your chest or on one shoulder and walk hands-free. Buy these handbags for women online available in exciting patterns, colors and all sizes. They include slouchy sling bags, structured sling bags, envelope sling bags, round sling bags and suitcase sling bags.

  • Bucket Bags

These have made a comeback due to their universally appealing shape. They are fashionable but not that trendy, however, many brands are coming up with really interesting designs in these. You will find them mostly in classy colors like brown, black, white and red.

  • Messenger Bags

A bit mannish in looks, messenger bags for women are also available online. Find them in plain and fancy designs according to your usage.

  • Laptop Handbags

Carrying a separate laptop bag along with your purse or handbag is very painful and doesn’t work in the long run. To solve this problem, brands have come up with a new concept of laptop handbags. The best ones come from the brand- Baggit. They are fairly large in size, have a separate padded compartment for laptop and another one for your personal stuff.


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