Bean Bags- Modern Furniture Pieces for a Stylish Home

Bean bags have become really popular in the recent years. Unlike your traditional furniture pieces, these are versatile in nature. Keep them in the verandah outside your house, in the garden, in your living room, at poolside or anywhere you like. You can also carry beam bags along in your car, if travelling to some distant place for a picnic or a vacation. These are easy to move and maintain. Buy bean bags online available in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Styles of Bean Bags Online

Bean bags come in a lot of patterns, shapes, color, material and sizes. You can choose the one that is suitable for your house or room and serves the purpose of decoration and utility.

  • Chair Bean Bags

These resemble a cushioned chair, featuring a comfortable back rest and an arm rest. Buy bean bag chairs online available in various sizes and shapes. Place them in your living room, bedroom or drawing room and you will not miss that boring and heavy traditional sofa.

  • Bean Bag Lounger

Bean bag loungers are big in size as compared to regular ones. They are a great pick for outdoor as well as indoor use. Place them in any corner of your house, sit back and relax. If you are searching for inexpensive options to recliner, a lounge couch is the best and works as a bean bag sofa.

  • Two-Seater Bean Bags

You can also buy bean bags online that are designed for accommodating two people at a time. They are called twin couches or two-seater couches. Choose the one which has a fantastic back rest and thick quilted seating to ensure you get maximum comfort and stability.

  • Bean Bags for Kids

Kids’ bean bags are available online in interesting colors, prints and shapes. Get one or two different bean bags for kids for your kid’s room to give it a decorative and peppy look. Find them in cartoon, animal and other interesting prints.

When planning to buy bean bags online, you should also opt for a nice bean bag cover which will keep your couch away from dust and abrasion.


Besides these styles, there are other kinds of bean bags online like lovesac, bean bag chair bed and convertible bean bags. Shop these at famous online shopping websites like and other e-stores.



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