Pashmina Shawls, Made from the Finest Cashmere Wool

Pashmina shawls are woven in Kashmir and Nepal and are made from Pashmina wool, the finest type of cashmere wool. The name Pashmina is derived from a Persian term- Pašmina which means ‘soft gold’ in Koshur or Kashmiri language. What distinguishes pashmina shawls from other types of woolen shawls is their feel and warmth. They are softer, light-weight, expensive and hand spun. The era of 90s saw a huge demand for pashminas and exceeded the supply. And later, they entered the fashion market too.


Nowadays, you can buy these shawls online from popular online shopping sites like and others.

Variety of Pashmina Products

Pashmina is a rich, light and luxurious fabric which is woven to manufacture various clothing accessories and other products besides Kashmiri shawls, like scarves for women, wraps, throws and stoles, etc.

Pashmina Shawl Patterns

Pashmina shawls come in a variety of designs and patterns. They are available in plain designs as well as designer styles that are adorned with different types of embroideries mainly, aari, sozni and papier mache work. The patterns can be floral, abstract and traditional motifs like paisleys etc. These Kashmiri shawls are winter wardrobe essentials for most women and girls. They reflect their classic taste and unique style statement.

Apart from these, you can also buy silk stoles online that feature Kashmiri motifs on Kashmiri silk. These stoles are either made in a combination of silk and pashmina wool, silk viscose or silk and cotton. You can shop from a range of head scarf for women also available in pashmina, silk and other materials. These accessorize your look be it western clothing or indo-western clothing.

For a fancier and modish look, you can opt for crochet shawls that are available in a variety of designs. Choose from a wide collection of crochet shawl patterns in vivid colors according to the latest fashion trends and your taste. These can be worn over western as well as Indian wear. They look elegant and are popular among young lasses.


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