Think fashion, Think trendy aviator sunglasses for women

Sunglasses also known as shades or goggles serve two basic purposes. Number one is they provide protection to wearer’s eyes against harmful pollutants in the air, UV sun rays and dust particles. The other reason is sunglasses amplify the style quotient of a person by leaps and bounds.  Ladies who worship latest fashion trends prefer to buy women sunglasses designed according to newest fashion trends. In the contemporary times, aviator sunglasses have become fashion craze in ladies of all age groups. May it be young college going girls or not so young ladies in their 30’s or 40’s, style-conscious women often wear this style of shades to accentuate the glamour element of their outfit.


We could even say that this style of sunglasses have become an integral part of celebrity fashion. Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez are examples of popular bollywood’sbeauty queens who have been spotted wearing aviator shades on the airports or other places. Aviators look fabulous on women who have long face and high cheek bones.

Iconic eyewear company, Ray Ban first developed this style of sunglasses in 1937. Aviator sunglasses have thin wire frames, often black or gold in colour. They are characterized by large lenses that are approximately three times larger than average human eye socket. Since aviators are style staple among today’s law makers and public service officers like police men, military men, we intuitively associate ruggest, masculine aspect with aviator sunglasses. Young boys and girls wear them to get perfect bravo look while riding their bikes or driving luxury cars. Various versions of aviator style sunglasses have hit physical eyewear selling stores and online sunglasses stores these days. Ranging from classic teardrop shape and squared navigator model to sporty and plastic version, shoppers can buy aviators in their favourite styles.

Professional ladies like journalists, army officers, researchers who work for long hours in the outdoors should buy ladies sunglasses that are sturdy and lightweight. Many illegitimate eyewear selling websites are operating on the Internet these days. Therefore, shoppers must be very careful and conscious while buying sunglasses for women online. Choose the styles you like from best and reliable web shops only.


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