Fashionable and Fabulous Flat Sandals for Women

Looking fabulous from top to toe is something that fashion conscious women of today would never miss out on. The fashion world is booming with some of the most beautiful flat sandals for women. Flats are a kind of footwear that will never disappoint you, especially if you are someone who wants comfort without compromising on style.

Thanks to the invention of flats that women don’t have to wear heels always just to look trendy.  A pair of flats can also do the same job quite beautifully.  And in today’s world of digitalization, you don’t have to go on a goose chase for your favorite flat footwear, there is a huge variety of trendy flat shoes online. All you have to sit back and choose.

Strike a Stylish Note-Buy Sandals Online on brings to you an array of flats that you can browse and buy in just few clicks.

women footwear online
women footwear online

Our collection features some of the most stylish ballerina flats. You can match them with your college casuals or office formals and look fabulous all the way.

And if you want something really classy, choose from a variety of ladies loafers that we have for you. There are many colors that you can choose from. This type of footwear goes great with your jeggings and stylish tunics.

How about some great looking gladiator flats? If you are someone who loves to wear dresses, then these flats are best for you. They make you look chic with a bohemian touch.

So, buy sandals online on and give an edge to your footwear collection.

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At, you don’t just get the trendiest footwear, but you also get a variety of gorgeous clothing to choose from. Grab the trendiest of dresses, tops and tunics, and accessories like bags, jewelry and much more to complete the look.

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Spell fashion with branded shoes: buy Carlton London ballerinas, heels, sneakers to look class apart

Someone right said once, “A woman carries her clothes but it is a shoe that carries a woman”. Thus, useful and fashionable shoes are fashion essentials to punctuate different pieces of women’s clothing. Nothing can beat adrenaline pumping, ecstatic feeling which shoes lovers experience when they buy fabulous looking pair of shoes. These women always discuss or talk of new shoe-shopping destinations in the city or great ‘shoe-hunting spots’ in their office or kitty party or other casual conversations. Though a person could find good number of shoe-shops in your city however at times one lacks the zeal to go to malls and splurge on shoes. Sometimes, physical stores lack variety or repeat shoes in same style, design pattern. Shoeoholics sometimes feel the pangs of buying designer unique footwear inspired by celebrity fashion. This is where; online shopping destinations come into picture.

These ladies most of the busy working or stays at home ladies prefer to do shopping for shoes through Internet. It is an excellent shopping option because web shops delight buyers with multitude of shoe brands. Contemporary web shops feature world-renowned brands such as Carlton London, Marie-Claire, Gucci, Dolce and gabbana and many more others. These women shoes are available in a wide spectrum of colours, cuts, style and designs. Branded shoes are particular hit in today’s women as they are class apart in terms of colours, cuts. They come with a promise and assurance of being made-up from quality materials. Now, you may ask, in the branded shoe category, which is the most popular contemporary women shoe brand and why?

Carlton London Online India
Carlton London India

Carlton London women shoes have won over hearts of hearts of shoeoholics across the globe. It is two decade old shoe making company that specializes in luxury and sophisticated shoes for men and women. Ladies can shop for array of shoes in fashion forward styles by Carlton London. The company’s presence in Indian markets is quite predominant and they are selling their shoes online with the label Carlton London India. Ladies can buy carlton London sneakers, boots, sandals, ballerinas, heels and various other models of footwear in fascinating colours and striking design patterns.

High Heels Online
Heels Online India

They have a very strong design team. Their experts have researched expensively over the years to give their consumers shoes in right style, designs and cuts. Buying Carlton London women shoes does not imply buying shoes it means consumers are buying a satisfying shoe experience. You can buy these shoes on many online women’s shoe destinations at reasonable prices.

So, ladies or shoeoholics now that you know what’s in trend and what matches your pocket, you should try to use the web in your advantage and must buy carlton London heels online in India to shine in parties this festive season.

The Passion of Pumps

High Heels have always been associated with the power of women in this world dominated by patriarchal norms. But there is something really special about pumps. While they speak of feminine strength, they also accentuate, most beautifully, the feminine beauty. They bring out the best walk and the best drape to whatever attire you may choose to wear. From absolutely western to authentically Indian, these heels go great with all the attires. Fashion conscious women love to have a collection full these beautiful heels. With a variety that is booming right now in the fashion world, women will surely want to buy all the beautiful pieces of pump heels available. And with the popular online shopping stores booming with the most beautiful pumps online, women can now have these in their shoe racks without having to take time off from their busy routine. Women seem to wear this footwear as passionately as they wear their own skin. And if you are one of those who love to wear these heels as passionately as other fellow women are, then here are a few tips:

buy pumps online

  • When in doubt wear red. You will find a range of beautiful pump heels in red colour. These will go great with your casual clothing especially your denims and tunics. With this, you can still get your chic side on while you dress casually.
  • If you want to incorporate the pump heel in your formal attire, then you should choose to go for nude pumps. These will look beautiful when worn with an all-black clothing.
  • If you are thinking about the clothing which matches your black pumps then what’s better than an A-Line dress. This colour is perfect for the pump heels meant to be worn on an evening party or on a formal meeting.
  • Looking for something bright? Try pink pumps. They are perfect to be worn to your day outs on pleasant days. They will look great with acid washed jeans and a yellow tunic. Wear some nice funky accessories and you are all ready to look hot.
  • Off late, there has been a huge popularity of the Leopard print in the pump heels. They are apt for casual as well as party wear. They will look great with a pair of black trousers and an olive colour top.
  • For all the girls who want to wear pump heels beneath their glittery traditional sarees, how about silver pumps? You can also choose to go for the golden versions if they go better with your attire.

So, pump it up!

Five looks that you can rock with Sling Bags

Having a nice bag is something that women from all age groups would love to have. And if you are one of those who has everything coordinated with the latest trend, then there is no way that you can leave your bag collection behind. The latest buzz in the bagging world are sling bags. Suddenly, the sale of slings has increased to a level that is unimaginable. Women are stocking their collection up with these. And if you are still skeptical about the trend value of these, then we are here to help. We give you five looks that you can totally rock with trendy sling bags.

Sling Bags Online
Sling Bags Limeroad
  1. The Summer Day out Look: We know that the heat can’t stop the girl gang from roaming the city and catching up with each other. So the Summer Day out Look is the look that’s perfect for such occasions. Get in your floral dress and some elegant gladiators, slip in a long necklace and don’t forget the leather sling bag. See how the look creates a buzz on your Instagram.

2. The Rock Fest Look: Slings are something that you must carry to a Rock Fest, you need something to put the tickets and your lip shade in. So what look to create? Slip into your crop top, a leather jacket, motorcycle boots and ripped denims. Once done, have a fringed bag slinging down your shoulders, touch up with an enhancing mascara and you are ready to rock.

3. A Day at the Mall Look: Every girl needs a day to chill at the mall. Chill better wearing a nice tunic, a pair of ripped jeans and of course a nice sling to carry your money in (you know you won’t just “window shop” at the mall).

4. The Saturday Night Party Look: After a week of heavy workload, you can’t miss out on the Saturday night party at the club. And if you don’t have the time to think what to wear, then consider an LBD (Little Black Dress, like everybody knows). Get your hair straightened down, accessorize and keep the clubbing essentials in a nice designer sling bag.

5. The All-time favorite Boho-Chic look: Boho-chic look is the most fashionable look of the season. All it wants you to do is look cool. Wear a kaftan sleeved dress, flat sandals and feather earrings. Believe it or not but a bohemian look is incomplete without an abstract yet trendy looking sling bag.

women clothing
women clothing

And if you are having troubles finding the perfect sling, women clothing, ladies footwear, then consider online shopping. With the prices that you have in the cyber marketplace are really good. You might end up both saving your pocket and stocking your collection if you buy sling bags online. So log on.

Decoding the mystery around ladies’ handbags: why women love handbags?

Women use handbags every day. They take bags to office, to the college, to the school, to the tuitions and to grocery shopping etc. Trendy ladies handbags can said to be the linchpin of fashion-savvy girl’ lives since they give so much of value to various bags in their closet. Every fashion-conscious lady desires to own at least one of the top branded handbags that they find in display shelves of fashion temples or on covers of popular women’s fashion magazines. Men often detest ladies’ romance with bags; they find the fairer sex’s obsession for bag quite strange.  Boys may or may not like to receive wallets as presents but a stylish and creatively designed trendy ladies’ handbag surely brings a big smile on a girl’s face.

A designer luxury handbag makes a great gifting option for a girl. Now an important option pops into the back of minds, what is the big deal about women’s handbags? Why do women carry handbag? Is there a basic, “handbag carrying” gene in all of them? In this blog, I have tried to come-up with some reasons or views associated with women’s strange love affair with pretty bags. Let us have a closer look without much ado.

Females like to carry their things around:–  Women are stereotypically care-givers of the world. They emotional creatures and share a deep sense of belonging with their things such as mobile phones, make-up items, pens, perfumes and other things. They like to keep things organized.  Women like to carry their items in handbags.

Bags For Women
Ladies Handbags

Women’s clothes generally don’t have pockets. Various Women’s clothing options like t-shirts, kurtis, summer dresses, skirts or traditional dresses like salwar suits, sarees don’t have pockets where they keep their teeny weeny things. Women carry bags as a storage necessity while on the go.

Bags add to the style and natural looks of women:- These days, purses for women are seen as decorative items which bring glamour and pop into ladies’ dresses. Ranging from handbags to shoulder bags to cute clutches, wide variety of ladies bags out on sale in the markets. There are bags for every occasion and mood. Ladies of all body sizes, shapes and skin complexion can accessorize their looks with stylish bags.

Ladies Handbags

Branded bags are indicators of social status for some ladies:- Few fashion-loving ladies take pleasure in displaying  their wealth, quality of life-style and personality through branded, expensive handbags. An original branded luxury handbag creates elite status for women.