How to look stylish in earrings: the right way to match your gold, silver and fashion earrings

Carrying a fashionable look is not just about wearing trendy clothes and accessories. Accessorizing your outfits is an art. Fashion-loving ladies need to be very careful while selecting and assemebling fashion adornments with their clothes. Earring is one such piece of accessory that not just makes one’s face more charming but also plays a major role in augmenting the beauty of a woman’s face. In the earlier days, Indian women had limited earring options. They used to wear, gold and silver earrings manily on special celebrations. Today ranging from earrings as simple and tiny as studs to something as magnificent and large as diamond chandeliers, one can find plethora of fashion earrings online.

In order to don a unique look, one must understand that earrings are not just simply another fashion accessory. They can help a lot to create the perfect finishing touches to your look. This fashion adornment can ruin or enhance your entire look. Therefore, it is important to choose earrings that compliment your face shape, std_0-1420883607hairstyle and body type. This article describes how to choose earrings with different face shapes, hairstyles and body shapes. Read on to make your earrings shine by picking the right pair with right outfit.

Identify your face shape:- Ladies with round face shape should try to create an illusion of longer and leaner face with dangler earrings. If you have a long face, then earrings with curved angles will suit best. Chandelier earrings add fullness and balance to thin, long faces. Women with heart shape face can look attractive in square or rectangle shape earrings. All you need to do is invest a little thought in getting it together in a right way to get beautiful results.

Hairstyle matters:- Give a though to your hair length as well before buying earrings. Women with long hairs can opt for tear drop or danglers where as studs can add beauty the looks of women with short hairs. Those with blonde hair look best with metals that are gold in color while women with darker hair can generally get away with gold or silver. Women with red hair look beautiful with copper colored metals.

Augment your body type with right earrings:- It is also important to match body type with certain styles of fashion earrings. Women with taller frame can easily stylize in dangle earrings; they can add symmetry and fine balance to their body shape with elongated earring style. Petite women should stay away from earrings in large shape.

Finally, to conclude, earrings are a great way to compliment your natural beauty. You just need to pair it keeping in mind certain rules and you can get beautiful, attractive looks always. Nowadays, ladies can buy stylish earrings in gold and silver earrings online through online shopping websites. Besides, offering unique design patterns, these online sources have priced these earrings reasonably. So, now that you know how to compliment your earrings with face shape, hair style and body type, get ready to step out in style.


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